Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

As the majority of our attorneys have previously worked for insurance companies, we have a clear understanding of the industry and its workings to know the best approach in light of the client’s specific objectives and overall company strategy. We also use alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation in addition to litigation to achieve the best and most cost-effective results for our customers. With an extensive multi-jurisdictional library, client archives, and rivaling skills, we have achieved impressive results.

Our attorneys also have experience in advising both national and regional insurance companies on how to address risks including drafting specific endorsements. Under our guidance, we have aided insurance companies in strengthening policy language and proactively reducing claim liability.

Totaling over 45 years in insurance litigation, we have successfully handled cases in numerous insurance fields including additional insured, construction insurance, commercial general liability, tender disputes, coverage opinions, and declaratory actions.

In addition, our firm has worked with clients to help them avoid coverage risks. We have assisted in the drafting of contract language, insurance policies, and claims procedures to ensure our clients are well protected.

Daniel P. Costello and Associates also acts as both national and regional counsel for some clients, helping monitor and handle claims requiring a skilled observant eye on the job. We have the motivation and dedication to succeed in a cost efficient manner.

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