We Know Construction

Our attorneys have built their careers representing the interests of contractors, developers, architects, engineers, and design specialists. Our experience lies not just with the laws that affect the construction industry, but also rests on an acute knowledge of the industry and practices. From the time the first shovel breaks dirt until that last bolt is fastened, our attorneys have been there.

Our firm has handled a wide variety of construction-related incidents, including lawsuits for personal injury, wrongful death, construction defect and property damage. We have represented clients from the largest general contractors to the most specialized subcontractors, from corporate owners to individual homeowners.

We also recognize that our clients’ success often turns on the resolution of insurance and indemnification issues. We place a priority on these issues and have seen several cases through the appellate ranks on coverage issues. Our attorneys pride themselves on their knowledge of coverage law and we focus on simplifying these complex issues for their clients.

In addition, our firm has worked with clients to help them avoid coverage risks. We have assisted in the drafting of contract language, insurance policies, and claims procedures to ensure our clients are well protected.

Daniel Costello has also advised national and regional insurance companies on how to address construction risks. He has assisted in drafting specific endorsements to cover risks from construction-related incidents. His guidance has also aided insurance companies in strengthening their additional insured policy language for construction projects.

Our attorneys have handled the most complex and sophisticated construction cases. We have the experience and knowledge with the law and the industry to provide representation in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

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