Representative Matters

Whether its litigation, appeals, or business counseling, Daniel P. Costello gets proven results.
These results are not a guarantee of any future success, and are provided for information only. 
They should not be viewed as a representation of success on your case.

Litigation and Appellate Counseling

Justin Hasty v. Jewel Food Stores, Inc. et al., 2012 L 6134.
Complete defense verdict in favor of national retail chain in premise liability and negligence matter while facing a $9.5 million demand. Plaintiff had nearly $1 million in medical bills and a permanent 15 pound weight-lifting restriction. See the December Newsletter for additional information.

American States Insurance Company v. Pinnacle Consultants, Et al., Ill. 1st District, 07-1717.
Successful representation of American States complex plaintiff’s litigation in pursuit of indemnification and attorneys fees on order of coverage theory, seeking $7,400,000.

Ziminsky v. Tidal Construction, 04 L 5670.
Obtained Summary Judgment on behalf of carpentry contractor in complex construction case where plaintiff’s demand for settlement was over $4,000,000.

Gustafson v. Altra Steel, 02 L 16042.
Successful defense of steel contractor in case where structural steel worker fell from a significant height ending in the complete disability of plaintiff steel worker caused by a severe traumatic brain injury.  Case resolved for a nominal amount while defendant’s motion for summary judgment was pending.  The plaintiff’s last global demand was $9,000,000.

Kenneth Blood v. James Michaleson, Cause No.05-2-22021-9, 118 Ill App 3d. 1066 (2005) appeal denied by Illinois Supreme Court (unpublished opinion).
Obtained summary judgment on defamation and punitive damages count against client where he had significant personal exposure.

Roberts v. White Lodging Services, 75 Ill App. 3d 271 (2004).
Obtained summary judgment and victory on appeal under consumer product safety act omission.

Lewis v. O’Hagen, Cause No. 03-2-05339-2, 74 Ill App 3d 219, (2004).
Obtained summary judgment in favor of clients on negligent maintenance issues for landlord. Appellate Court specifically ruled in client’s favor on admission of photographic evidence in summary judgment appeals.

Brandt v. Caporelli, 00 L 1986.
Obtained defense verdict under negligence and civil battery in a police cadet training program accident.  Plaintiff claimed he was totally disabled and unable to become a police officer. Father was Chief of Police at the time of the accident.

Fox River Restoration v. Dennis Goodlet.
Obtained defense verdict on behalf of clients on breach of contract and mechanic lien’s jury trial which last for over 7 days.   Complete defense verdict excluding requests for attorney’s fees which are statutory for plaintiffs in mechanics lien cases.

Business Representation and Employment

Litigation Management
Designed, Implemented, and utilized litigation audit tool for Fortune 500 company, which improved efficiency, reduced cost, and raised performance standards for legal work.  The system was employed nationwide to track litigation costs and quality.

Employment Matters
Successful representation of Regional Company on employment law claims before administrative law hearings on FLSA claims, unemployment hearings, and discrimination claims.

Acting Corporate Counsel for implementation of employment guidelines, policies, and procedures.  Drafted and implemented harassment and discrimination polices at a midsized consulting company.

Business Planning
Representation of landowner in sale of property, licensing, and sale of a mutli-million dollar business, including all assignable leases and options.  Careful planning and negotiation netted client significant tax advantage resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in additional income.

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