Legal Bill Review

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Controlling Defense Costs

Defense costs can be one of the most important cost considerations for an insurer. In large and complicated cases, defense costs can easily spiral out of control, and far outstrip indemnity payments. This unnecessarily inflates the cost of handling claims for insurers and results in higher premiums for insureds.

This is where Daniel P. Costello & Associates can help control these costs. We operate as a coordinator between defense firms, insurers, and third party administrators to make sure the process runs smoothly. We help the process move forward so that defense firms get timely paid for reasonable costs of defense, and help ensure that insurers don’t pay for unnecessary work.

Our firm has significant experience handling large, complex cases. We are able to resolve these cases by focusing on efficient handling and resolution instead of merely spinning wheels and going through every step of litigation long after the case should be resolved. This philosophy puts us in an excellent position to help identify and control unnecessary legal billing.

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