About Us

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Why Are We a Different Type of Law Firm? We Know the Needs of Business; We’ve Been There.

As a premier solution provider, Daniel P. Costello & Associates, PC concentrates in complex litigation management, defense litigation, and construction litigation. We have been on the other side of the table working in the business world challenging the competing concerns of quality, efficiency, and cost. Few other law firms sport a former officer of a Fortune 500 company as their managing partner, giving business perspective to each client matter. Thus, when we claim we know business, we have the experience to prove it.

Additionally, the firm prides itself on offering litigation management solutions to public companies and insurance companies throughout the United States. Mr. Costello has been featured as an expert in litigation management at national conferences, publications, and industry groups. Thus, our experience as litigation management experts enables us to provide interdisciplinary services to legally intensive and highly regulated industries. Our structure allows us to bring talent and experience to bear on matters pursued throughout the nation, promoting communication, and providing for efficient project management.

We Don’t Talk Results – We Show Them

We share in the interest of many clients in managing their legal budgets in a transparent and predictable model. Thus, certainty is the key to our successful partnerships with our clients. We lead the industry with litigation management and fee structures that not only define the best practices, but are constantly shaping them into the future. The firm utilizes a litany of alternative fee agreements that is confined only by the needs of the business and your imagination. We have been a market leader in advocating change that creates unrivaled value for our clients. No matter the nature of the billing arrangements, Daniel P. Costello & Associates, PC will always provide customized metrics which tracks the efficiency, quality, and value to those we serve.

Meeting Client Needs

We work to build a strong cohesive relationship with each client. We aim to understand the objectives of the client so that we can best service your business and legal needs. Full service to us means servicing your corporate legal department, underwriting, and claims with business goals front and center. Thus, we pride ourselves on not only the value of the legal work that we provide, but the vast array of <ahref=”http://www.costellolegal.com/home.php?task=TmV3cyAmIFB1YmxpY2F0aW9ucw==”>value added services which help our clients become market leaders in their own right.

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