Costello Legal Wins Defense Verdict for Property Manager in Jury Trial

After his bathroom ceiling collapsed on his head, the plaintiff brought a negligence claim against the property management company in the Cook County Law Division for injuries he allegedly sustained to his cervical spine. Plaintiff and his girlfriend testified that they had notified the defendant several times that the ceiling was wet or leaking. The property manager denied any notice and presented records that corroborated her testimony to a certain extent.

Before the trial even started, Jessica Biagi, a Partner at Daniel P. Costello & Associates, LLC, was able to bar over $10,000 in past medical expenses, the plaintiff’s wage loss claim, and any claim related to future damages. During the trial, the jury heard from five witnesses, including two treating physicians. Although Cook County can be a tough venue for property managers, Jessica was able to convince the jury that the plaintiff failed to meet his burden of proof and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty within one hour of deliberation

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