Costello Legal Launches Workers Compensation Practice Group

Worker’s Compensation claims are huge business drivers for construction companies, service companies, and small businesses. They are also claims that require adherence to metrics, focus, and leveraging of technology. Aiming to “re-invent” the litigation of worker’s compensation claims, Costello Legal is launching its Worker’s Compensation practice group.

Dan Costello extolled the focus of the new practice group “We have operated the firm for nearly 10 years focused exclusively on metrics, efficiency, and speed to resolution. Worker’s Compensation is the perfect fit for us, as it lends itself to a group that understands process, business, and speed to resolution. Quite frankly our group is perfectly fit for this work. Our team has proven this exceptionally well, and is now recognized as a national leader in developing metrics. We also intend to organize programs which employ alternative fees and metrics to provide immediate improvement to our clients.”

The new group will be lead by Susan Bledsoe, along with associates Doug Persoon, and John Dark. Susan has a proven depth, and focus on worker’s compensation claims in her work for one of the largest worker’s compensation carriers in the industry, her direct work as Claims Counsel for litigation at Acuity Insurance, and her work as a claimant’s attorney. Her background as an allied healthcare professional along with experience setting up Medicare Set Aside programs for carriers provides the expertise needed for claims to be resolved quickly and efficiently. The team expects to handle claims in the Midwest for clients with both SIR/Risk Programs, as well as their core insurance clients.

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